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Do I have to be a patient at the Health Centre ?

Not at all, we have patients attending our surgery from Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield and many parts of Walsall. We also have patients who live some way away but work in the area, and also patients who got to know about us and who travel some distance to get to us. 

All patients are welcome, you do not have to live in the area.


Can I attend even if I receive NHS chiropody treatment ?

If you already receive NHS treatment you have a need for chiropody. The treatment you receive within the NHS is very good, but sometimes patients find that they do not receive treatment often enough.  Many patients come to us in between their normal NHS appointments if they have too long to wait.  NHS chiropodists understand your situation and the reason why you may need private treatment as well, so there should be no problem with having both.


Do I need to tell you about my medication ?

It is important when you first attend that you tell us about certain medications if you can.  You will be asked questions concerning your health as some medicines can affect your feet and certain illnesses will as well. We only ask for information that is relevant to your feet and legs.  All information is held for our use only and will not be seen by any other party.


If I am diabetic can I receive private chiropody treatment ?

High risk diabetic patients usually receive some podiatry treatment from the NHS, but sometimes patients have concerns regarding foot care, and desire increased treatment and a longer treatment time than the NHS is able to provide.  Patients with diabetes are very welcome, we are fully qualified to treat diabetics and can give you free diabetic neuropathy testing for your feet if we or you are concerned about loss of sensation.

Receiving treatment privately through ourselves will not cause any problems with the NHS chiropody service.  It is better to either put your mind at rest, or receive treatment from ourselves rather than let a problem get worse.  Our qualifications are the same as those podiatrists in the NHS, so you can be confident of receiving first class care and support.  It is our policy to work with the NHS chiropodists/podiatrists and the Doctors and we will, if we feel it is important, contact either party if we feel there is a need for NHS treatment for you.


Will I have to return ?

Some problems will keep recurring, for instance corns and callus (hard skin), depending on the cause (e.g. the way you are waking, unsuitable footwear, structural changes in your foot etc.).  We always try to help you understand why you are getting a particular foot/ankle/leg problem and will offer advice as to how to minimise it recurring in the future.


Do you have to be old to visit a chiropodist/podiatrist ?

No, every day we treat people of all ages from young children to OAPs, male and female.  Many problems are not age related.  We were both formerly teachers and are both good at relating to children as well as adults with learning difficulties. We try to be kind and friendly to all our patients who have ranged from 6 months to over 100.


How long does the appointment last ?

Each appointment last up to half an hour, sometimes longer if time allows.  This gives ample time to assess your problem and carry out the treatment.  If you have a specific issue such as foot  pain we may need to carry out a full biomechanical assessment, when we assess your joints and muscles, observe you walking and may prescribe orthotic insoles.  These appointments last up to an hour and need to be booked  specially.


Can you give me a receipt with your HCPC number?

If you have health insurance you can often claim back the cost of treatment and we can give you a receipt for this.  There is no charge for receipts.


How do I make an appointment ?

Telephone us on our normal surgery number 01922 450 989 and we will be pleased to agree a date and time to suit you.


Do you charge if I fail to attend, or cancel giving less than 24 hours notice ?

We would really appreciate it if you could let us know if you are unable to attend as soon as possible as we can then let other people book in for that time. We reserve the right to charge for missed appointments.


What is the difference between a Podiatrist and a Chiropodist?

Podiatry is just the new name for chiropody and has been adopted because it is an internationally used term.  Podiatrists train with the NHS for 3 years and undertake rigorous Degree level qualification (BSc in Podiatry) and we are qualified to treat and diagnose most foot, ankle, knee and hip joint problems.  We study biomechanics for 2 years and so can custom make orthotic insoles to treat a wide range of conditions and alleviate pain and discomfort in walking and when playing sports.  We extensively study pathology and dermatology, are qualified to undertake local anaesthesia and nail surgery and to prescribe some prescription only medications such as antibiotics.  We are fully CRB checked with enhanced disclosure which allows us to work with vulnerable adults and children.


I had a leaflet from a foot health practitioner offering nail cutting.  

Some foot health practitioners only do a 12 lesson distance learning course and have a few days practice before they can call themselves by this title. We would not like them to use scalpels on our feet with a course that is this short!  They may use letters like SAC dip (Stonebridge College diploma, the 12 lesson one). If you do use one, make sure they are registered with the college of foot care professionals and have the letters MCFCP after their name to ensure they are well trained with a much longer course.  They should have at least a level 4 diploma in foot health practice.  They should also be CRB checked before you allow a home visit (as we are), preferably with enhanced disclosure of any criminal convictions if they are visiting vulnerable adults or children.
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