Aldridge Chiropody

Treatments include:

Callus (Hard Skin) Removal     Removal of Corns
Ingrowing Toenail treatment        Sore and Painful Feet
Diagnosis of Heel and Ball of the Foot Problems     Verruca Treatments
Advice and Care for Arthritic and Diabetic Feet      Reduction of Thickened Nails
Diagnosis of Fungal Skin and Nail Conditions       Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis
Prescription of Orthotic Insoles to Correct Flat Feet, Arch Pain, Neuroma, Plantar Fasciitis,
Achilles Tendinopathy, Knee Pain
Testing for Neuropathy and Assessment of Blood Supply to the Foot
Padding and Strapping/Taping for Injuries 
Sports Injuries 

We stock a range of products to help with foot complaints such as gel insoles, gel heel cushions, poron insoles of different densities, orthotic insoles, arch supports, metatarsal and heel pads, sports orthotics, gel and elasticated toe props/covers. We also make our own silicone toe props and wedges.

We offer a full range of treatments which will keep your feet healthy and comfortable.  Each routine appointment will last up to half an hour, depending on the problem to be treated.  Biomechanics appointments to assess the bones and muscle groups up to your hip and within your foot are available and this takes an hour long appointment for which we charge £50.  It is helpful if you can bring shorts to wear for this so we can see your hips, knees and ankles when watching you walk (gait analysis). 

During the appointment we will assess the health of your feet, try to work out the main causes of your problem, and plan what can be done to help you.  Many problems such as corns may be on-going as they are caused by changes in the position or alignment of bones in your feet and regular visits may be needed.   We try to look long term at your problems and may suggest devices such as gel toe caps or covers that may help to stop the problem recurring.  It is not always possible to get rid of a problem but often things can be done to alleviate or prevent it recurring so quickly.


If necessary we can write letters to your GP or to orthopaedic / podiatric surgeon if you need referral for corrective surgery, steroid injections or further tests.  We do not currently charge for this service if you are a regular patient.


Don't forget if you have health insurance (such as the Saturday Fund) you can usually get money back to help pay for your treatment and we will give you a receipt with our HCPC numbers on to claim this.  

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